Inside The Bizarre Class Where Men Experience BREASTFEEDING! (7 Images)

#1 Jane Jiang designed a comprehensive motherhood experience for men in China Jane Jiang experience was designed to be a sign of a few days of motherhood, so he was allowed solid food for lunch: pig’s trotters in watery soup. A small bath filled with tepid water, that probably doesn’t have much less flavor than […]

You Won’t Believe What WalMaart Cameras Captured.. (8 Images)

Mamma Mia! Look at this girl here, she sure is a head turner! I am pretty sure most of you would expect weird, odd looking people when you read posts with headlines like this. But for starters, let’s serve a little appetizer. This girl here looks like she is fit to be a supermodel, and […]

8 Photos From TSA Full Body Scanner LEAKED (8 Images)

Everybody knows that the TSA are using full body scanners to help detect potential risks much quicker and better as compared to other methods, and everybody knows how controversial it is when it comes to use of the TSA full body scanners. Here are some leaked photos from the TSA showing airport full body scans. […]