This Stunning Bombshell Is The World’s Most Flexible Woman (7 Images)

If you are sitting down in front of your computer desk now, try to get up and touch your toes. Difficult isn’t it? Well, that is not the case for Julia Gunthel, also fondly known as Zlata. Zlata holds the record for being the world’s most flexible woman. Forget touching toes, this beautiful contortionist is […]

20 Women You Won’t Believe Actually Exist (20 Images)

  Brittany Lee Hensel and Abigail Loraine Hensel are dicephalic parapagus twins. If you are not too fond of scientific terms, it basically means they are conjoined twins with two separate heads and a conjoined body. Doctors are surprised at how symmetrical they are, when clothed, it looks almost as if they have one body […]

Peoples Who Were Busted Shoplifting! (7 Images)

#1 SUPER STEALTH Now a days, the most of the women covet a number of hours in the shoplifting in any departmental store or clothing shops… be warned if you go in Japan you will have to be careful and you can not do any react against their law and rules, that has give a label […]

Rare Phenomenon Of Animals Born With Two Heads! (7 Images)

Two heads are better than one. So they say. An animal (or a person) born with 2 or more heads is called polycephaly. Two heads is often called dicephaly. If we take a look at it through medical approach, these conditions are considered to be congenital cephalic disorders. The picture here seen below is of […]