You Will Not Believe What Did This Man Use To Transform His Junk Car To A Luxurious Sports Car (13 Images)

Yes, you read the title right. This Lithuanian man transformed his old Mercedes CLK to a head turning luxurious sports car, using expanding foam! Forget fiberglass, forget steel, if you are as creative and innovative as this man here, you too can turn any junk of a car into a head-turning ride. Take this man […]

Some of the World’s Most Creative Outdoor Ads That Advertising Agencies Could Learn From (7 Images)

Sprite Dispenser Beach Shower This is an absolutely creative advertising campaign. Who would want to shower at the boring old beach shower when you can bathe under the glory of the giant Sprite dispenser? The thing itself is huge and is eye-catching, now that is a huge advertising point. But to shower with it? That […]

This Stunning Bombshell Is The World’s Most Flexible Woman (7 Images)

If you are sitting down in front of your computer desk now, try to get up and touch your toes. Difficult isn’t it? Well, that is not the case for Julia Gunthel, also fondly known as Zlata. Zlata holds the record for being the world’s most flexible woman. Forget touching toes, this beautiful contortionist is […]

If You Think This Is A Picture Of A Boy And His Grandmother – You Are Wrong! (7 Images)

One glance at this picture, and you might think that it is a young boy having a meal together with his grandmother. With his leg still not long enough, as it dangles on the chair, and the little portion of food like how a child would usually eat – do not be fooled as 9 […]

Peoples Who Were Busted Shoplifting! (7 Images)

#1 SUPER STEALTH Now a days, the most of the women covet a number of hours in the shoplifting in any departmental store or clothing shops… be warned if you go in Japan you will have to be careful and you can not do any react against their law and rules, that has give a label […]

Rare Phenomenon Of Animals Born With Two Heads! (7 Images)

Two heads are better than one. So they say. An animal (or a person) born with 2 or more heads is called polycephaly. Two heads is often called dicephaly. If we take a look at it through medical approach, these conditions are considered to be congenital cephalic disorders. The picture here seen below is of […]