This Girl Can L!ck Her Elbows, Nose, and Even Her EYES! (7 Images)

#1 Have you ever come across that viral thing about you being a numbskull trying to lick your own elbow, even though it is pretty much impossible? Well the trick will not work on 18 year old Adrianne Lewis, because she claims to have the world’s longest tongue! According to unofficial measurement, Adrianne Lewis’s tongue […]

People Who Born With Extra Body Parts! (6 Images)

#1 TWO V@GINAS   Vaginas! The blond 28 years old woman has the million in one who has doubled v@ginas and they are alike; she has two separate uteruses and cervixes. She is pretty well in appearance, wondered, she suffered from terrible cramps and heavy period during teenage years. This is so strange, so mysterious, […]

10 Totally SFW Photos That Prove You Have a Dirty Mind (8 Images)

#9 That Girl Isn’t Quenching Her Thirst The Unorthodox Way I don’t know how you guys think but to me it was never a good decision taken by Coca-Cola to have their posters of girls drinking a amount of fizzy cola drink very quickly at a level where men will give deceptive notion by standing […]

Wonderful Text Replies That The Girls Can Learn From. (10 Images)

Well, it seems like a limb with some fake blood around, picture that is sent as a reply to the text message. However, this is not exactly the reply that the other one was expecting. In fact the other was expecting a reply of what she tried to meant. Want you not to take it […]