Anorexic Girls Look Fantastic After Beating Their Condition. (8 Images)

Too bright and too giggly; Wowza! It is the girl was in the middle age and decided to become too smart, thereafter she stated to run ten miles daily in early morning, she herself was trying to become smart, she took decision to turned off eating, restriction and disordering herself not to eat proper once […]

Famous Celebs Who Hate Each Other. (10 Images)

Taylor Swift and Katy perry two big celebrities especially known for their sweet voice in their song both seems like they are so sweet. Whatever, inside they are not so sweet and cooperative. “Bad blood” a song made by Taylor was about Katy. Later when Katy came to know about it she didn’t stop herself […]

12 Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Eat Every Day (11 Images)

Vegetable Oil: Food is being eaten in our daily life and to make this food tastier we douse the foods in vegetable oil in all of our cooking, mainly those which are hydrogenated oils are used. Dousing these healthier foods in oil could increase the risk of cancer. As you may already know that oil […]